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Your Miracle Is In Your Mouth

Filed Under (Cool Happenings) by Kev1 on 28-04-2008

I was browsing the web to see what like minded individuals who share my great appreciation and passion for God’s amazing grace were reading. What caught my eye was a blog that showcases one blogger’s readings on Bible verses, hearing of Christian faith CDs by Pastor Joseph Prince and more.

'Your Miracle Is In Your Mouth'  book by  Pastor Joseph Prince

In particular, the blogger talked about this book entitled ‘Your Miracle Is In Your Mouth’ by Pastor Joseph Prince which she had found in the Christian Bestseller section of a large bookstore. This is a great book which opens our eyes to a gracious God and the love of Christ in His perfect sacrifice, empowering us to speak His Word in faith and receive our miracle!

To find out more about what she had to say about this powerful book and its author, you can click on the above link in this post. At the same time, you can also check out what other cool stuff she’s reading or listening to.

If you would like to get hold of some life-changing messages and other resources by Pastor Joseph Prince for yourself, you can always go to
www.destined2reign.com and be greatly blessed.

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